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ADAK is committed to providing its clients with the commodities that they need, when they need them. We have built an extensive network of buyers and sellers throughout Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia that we leverage to provide commodity trading services, cargo solutions, and all at the most competitive prices.ADAK simplifies the process of trading Oil Products by taking ownership of the entire transaction from securing reliable buyers with proven financial capabilities, to pairing them directly with dependable suppliers . Our commitment to success compels us to work around the clock to guarantee both parties a secure and on-time transaction.

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Executive Opinion

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Oil Products

Commodity Trading

ADAK has built a strong network of suppliers that enables us to provide high quality products to our clients with a competitive pricing

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Our Presence

ADAK Petroleum is strategically located in two major regions to support the demands of the Middle East and the European Union clientele.

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What Our Clients Say

ADAK consistently exceeded my expectations when sourcing and purchasing oil for our fleet. No other organization has the professionalism and quality of service we found in ADAK. We value our partnership as a source of organizational strength.-Abed Al Suwaydi-

Danish Petro’s traders believe ADAK to be an indispensable ally in the Middle East as our cargos move through the Indian Ocean and South China Sea. Our relationship goes back years and is built upon renewed trust and exemplary service.-Filip Therkildsen-

I have not found an Oil commodity trading organization in the Middle East with the expertise and professionalism that ADAK displays. They continue to serve our Middle East interests well and add value to our dealings and transactions.-Nittin Kapoor-

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Head Office:

Dubai Multi Commodity Center,
Level 49, Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers,
P.O.Box: 79935
Geneva branch : ADAK Petroleum SA, 14 Rue du Rhône ,1204 Genève




(+971) 50 261 7147

(+44) 734 028 4042