ADAK Roadmap 2020

The UK Government sees both domestic and commercial energy efficiency as key to meeting its carbon reduction target of 80% on 1990 levels by 2050 and has regulated accordingly.

Linking Middle East to the rest of the world via an Expansion of ADAK offices and representatives based on first class services and latest quality and quantity control.

ADAK functions on todays operation but leadership understands how to create growth in tomorrows business environment, by providing them with a roadmap and a set of practical tools to navigate its challenges. ADAK ROADMAP 2020 guiding principles are based on understanding that….
The most fundamental law is that uncertainty is the only certainty. Business dominating forces are ambiguity and change; the processes at work involve exploration, invention, and experimentation.
The first aspect of roadmap is to analyze our business continuously. The sanity comes from being so in tune with your business that virtually nothing takes you by surprise. Youre always able to see where you have been, where you are and where you expect to go according to cold, hard data. At top ADAK will establish key metrics to understand organizational status. Among the key metrics to consider are money-related metrics, customer-related metrics, product -related metrics and team- and operations-related metrics.
We being in energy value chain business, ADAK roadmap defines that rather than being informal and ad hoc about customers, its very important to create a well-thought-out system for managing the relationships we have -or want to have with them. Creating a culture at ADAK is about cultivating passion in our team and our customer base. ADAK culture clarifies our identity, our values, our beliefs and even the products or services we offer and how we price them.
While day to day activities are taken care of, ADAK roadmap defines how to analyze a potential opportunity and risk environment associated with the opportunity in a systemic manner. The opportunity comes from knowing when and where its possible for us to spend more to make more, or to spend differently to make more, or maybe even to spend less to make more. One path may be more appropriate for us than the other. Or we might pursue both growth opportunities. ADAK just want to be sure that we are building on a solid foundation.
ADAK roadmap fully rest on a belief that good organic growth starts with a practical strategy that aligns directly with where you want to go and who you want to serve. Firms today face steep challenges, including:
Client retention
Bringing in new clients
Differentiating from the competition
Retaining key talent
Acquiring key talent
By designing the ADAK roadmaps to reach our marketing and organizational objectives of expansion, we want to help our professionals identify and navigate the roadblocks to achieve our desired growth year on year.

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