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I believe every time a client is delighted with our service, they commit to return for what sets us apart from our competitors: expertise and professionalism

Abdellah Dakkoune has spent more than 27 years in the oil and gas industry and decided to found his own company ADAK in 2013. He began his career in the shipping industry with an OPEC owned company United Arab Shipping Company where he worked from 1993 to 2012, and then became Head of Trading at an Exxon Mobile owned company until 2013.
As a passionate entrepreneur, Abdellah has utilised his extensive experience of the international oil market to establish ADAK Petroleum as a partner of choice. He is now fully committed to grow ADAK and make it a global commodities trading house that puts its customer first.

Oil Trader

Our devotion to client satisfaction and commitment to growth in this ferocious industry is what makes ADAK Petroleum progress year on year. Our success boils down to the synergy of extraordinary people, best in class customer service and the broad vision of our founder.-Sara Dakkoune

Growing up with a fascination of her father’s work in oil & gas, Sara Dakkoune became determined to follow her father’s example of leading and innovating in such an integral market sector. In 2018, she set the tone for a new wave in ADAK Petroleum and joined the family business. Sara’s experience in account management had played an instrumental role in bringing customer relationships and engagement to new highs.
Before stepping up to help ADAK into the new millennium, Sara held a Relationship Management Role for an American tech giant where she looked after some of the top 500 companies. Holding a degree in International Management, Sara brings expertise in the areas of Customer Management, Administration, Operations and Corporate & Financial management.


ADAK petroleum seeks to enhance and maximize long-term customer relationships by constantly renewing and improving business opportunities. Across the world, 1.3 billion people still do not have access to modern sources of energy. Bringing an end to energy poverty is an important part of integrating more people and markets.

OUR Mission

ADAK aims to offer the very highest services and products to its clientele in order to guarantee satisfaction. We strive to provide our partners with sustained growth as we cultivate long-term relationships. Finally, we aim to invest in our human capital; our employees are more than a resource, they are the success and expertise that ADAK is built upon. The success and growth of our clients, our commercial partners, and our staff is crucial for us. Commodities and Trading isn’t a zero-some game, we believe in win-win opportunities and relationships.

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